Art and Design

At West Earlham Junior school we believe that art and design play a vital role in society and we want our students to develop the ability to encounter artworks with curiosity and an open mind. Our aim is for our students to be creative and develop the skills to confidently produce original outcomes. We want them to develop knowledge about different artists and designers and through this confidence to visit an art gallery.

We will do this through;

  • Developing knowledge of a range of artists and artworks.
  • Developing and understanding of the historical and cultural contexts in which the artists worked as part of the inquiry curriculum.
  • Experiencing a range of artistic processes and materials to develop specific skills.
  • Meeting contemporary working artists and gaining an insight into their work.
  • Visiting an art gallery to experience art.
  • Supporting students in being able to generate questions and conversations around artworks.
  • Supporting students in being able to reflect and evaluate on their final outcome at the end of a project.
  • Developing the use of a sketchbook to draw, record and plan visually their ideas.

By the end of Key Stage Two our students will be able to;

  • Know the names of and the work of a range of significant artists and designers.
  • Use their artistic skills as a form of self expression. confidently,
  • Visit an art gallery with confidence,
  • Understand how art can reflect the society in which it was made,
  • Understand that art can provide job opportunities and that the world around them is made from innovative, creative processes.

We believe it is important for our students to gain knowledge about a range of artists, designers and architects, including many from history as well as contemporary practitioners. Throughout their time at West Earlham Junior students also learn about significant individual works which are important to their locality as well as globally.

The curriculum is planned so that our students learn skills and techniques in a progressive way, and revisit skills was they move through the school. This both develops their mastery of the technique and their ability to combine techniques purposefully in their own artwork.

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