Religious Education

At West Earlham Junior School, we aim for the students to have an understanding of and respect for all religions. We will inspire students to inquire about different cultures and ways of life. Students will be informed about and respectful of a range of religions and religious practices.

We will do this through;

  • An inquiry based curriculum which encourages students to ask informed, structured questions and develop an interest in religion, even if they do not agree with its beliefs.
  • Thought provoking questions that encourage students to find their own answers and question the world around them.
  • Key learning experiences to religious buildings and places of worship where they will be given great insight into religion outside of the classroom. They will recall important events and practices through these experiences.
  • Rich resources from each religion to provoke conversation and build understanding which will enhance learning.

By the end of Key Stage Two we want our students to;

  • Build a bank of knowledge about a range of religions and worldviews, including how people of these views practice.
  • Be confident in their own identity and understand their place within the world, feeling content with their own uniqueness.
  • Value difference and diversity within their own and different communities, showing tolerance for differences.
  • Display open mindedness and inquisitivity about different religions.
  • Be confident in their ability and capacity to respond to questions of meaning and purpose.

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