Values & Ethos

"Parents remark warmly about the care offered to their children and their children’s enjoyment of school."

OfSTED September 2019

The Aims of Our Curriculum are to create:

  • Healthy, self-confident people, ready to lead fulfilling lives as valued members of society.
  • Determined, capable learners, who continue to learn throughout their lives.
  • Respectful individuals who are ready to contribute to their community fully.
  • Ethical informed citizens of the world.

Our Aims

At West Earlham Junior School we are aiming to develop learners who are good positive citizens of the world who behave respectfully towards others. We want them to look outwards and develop an awareness and curiosity about the wider world beyond their immediate environment.

We want our learners to have the self-confidence to be aspirational about their future lives and possess the know-how to achieve their goals. We want them to attain high standards in the key skills in reading and writing and maths to enable them to do this, and to make connections in and enjoy their learning. We want our learners to develop positive learning dispositions becoming creative flexible thinkers who are adaptable and able to learn independently following their own interests and passions. When they have done well we want our learners to have the confidence to celebrate their achievements and be able to recognise mistakes and failures as learning experiences and develop the resilience to learn and grow from them.

We want our learners to develop into healthy adults both physically and emotionally who have empathetic and open-minded attitudes that enable them to make good choices and decisions in life.

Above all we want them to become life-long learners who are happy and content.

Our Learner Values

We want to develop children who are…

Adventurous – aware of the possibilities of the world, and willing to seek them

Independent Learners – successful without support, seeking new learning

Creative and Flexible Thinkers – can change their mind, understand others may have different opinions and beliefs

Aspirational – see themselves as future learners, have ambition and goals for the future

Confident – believe in self, open to new experiences

Motivated – they are passionate about learning, willing to try hard even when it is difficult

Resilient – can deal with setbacks and see them as part of learning

Positive Citizens of the World – know ‘right from wrong’ and are good members of the community.

West Earlham Junior School
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Headteacher: Mrs Catrin Parry-Jones
School Business Manager: Mrs Beverley Savage