Pupil Premium

At West Earlham Junior School, we want all of our pupils to be successful and believe that disadvantage should not be a barrier to learning or indicative of future achievements. We use the Pupil Premium funds to enrich the learning for our pupils and to support them to access their learning as well as they can.

Pupil Premium: What is it?

A high proportion of children at West Earlham Junior School are eligible for Pupil Premium funding. Pupil Premium funding is additional to the main school budget. It is allocated to pupils who are either currently eligible for free school meals or who have been eligible in the last 6 years. The school is responsible for allocating funds and spending funds appropriately and accordingly.

Purpose: What is it used for?

Pupil Premium funding is intended to address the historic underachievement of children from poorer backgrounds in this country. By giving schools additional money for each child identified as being eligible for Pupil Premium, the Government is seeking to ‘close the gap’ in achievement, meaning that any student from any background should be able to achieve at a high level. The money is intended to support schools to ensure this happens for ALL students within their care.

School: What does it look like at West Earlham Junior School?

At West Earlham Junior School we believe in ALL children. We believe that every child has the right to a rewarding and enriching education. We identify the barriers to learning and are solution focused when addressing challenges. We are committed to supporting every child to achieve success and make progress across the curriculum.

We believe that when funds and intervention are used effectively then levels of attainment and achievement will rise whilst simultaneously closing the gap between pupils identified as Pupil Premium and their Non- Pupil Premium peers.

We make change happen through:

  • high quality teaching
  • tailoring support
  • implementing intervention
  • providing individualised provision for individuals or groups of pupils
  • recognising and understanding the needs and context of our school
  • working as a team
  • an enriching, broad curriculum which is accessible to all
  • maintaining a positive mindset
  • being an advocate for every child

Pupil Premium Documents: What are they?

Every school must produce a Pupil Premium Statement. This document documents the individual challenges of the school and states the intended outcomes. At West Earlham Junior School, we have a three- year plan which is reviewed annually to reflect the current budget and cohort. The Pupil Premium Statement must be available on the school website.

The Pupil Premium Policy outlines roles, responsibilities, provision and intent at our school. Please click the links on this webpage to view our current Pupil Premium Strategy and Pupil Premium Policy.

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