At West EarlhamJunior, we aim to instil a love of science and develop curiosity about the world in our students.  We want our students to grow their scientific knowledge and conceptual understanding through scientific inquiry.

We will do this through;

  • Using the National Curriculum as the basis for our science curriculum with the learning presented coherently through the context of our termly inquiries,
  • Providing opportunities for our students to ask questions and delve deeper into problem solving in order to understand the science behind ‘the way things are’,
  • Using an investigative approach linked to our inquiries which develops students’ understanding of the scientific method within a context,
  • Coherent  planning which gives students the opportunity to communicate scientific information through diagrams, graphs and charts in a progressive way throughout Key Stage Two,
  • Teaching students to work safely when using scientific equipment.

By the end of Key Stage Two, we want our children to;

  • Have an enthusiasm for and enjoyment of scientific learning and discovery,
  • Have the skills, knowledge and confidence to ask scientific questions and explore scientific ideas,
  • Know how to carry out a fair test and record their results accurately,
  • Use a variety of graphs and data to justify and explain their thinking,
  • Know some famous scientists and their contribution to human knowledge and understanding.

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