Through the language curriculum we want to instil a broader cultural understanding in our students. We wish them to experience the feeling of enjoyment and satisfaction of speaking another language. Our goal is that by hearing and speaking another language the students are able to see the similarities between cultures and countries whilst widening their understanding and tolerance of the world and people around them.

 We will do this through;

  • Giving students the opportunity to respond to the register in different languages,
  • Having a native speaker teach Mandarin to all children throughout Key Stage 2,
  • Promoting speaking aloud in another language to maximise every opportunity to practice new linguistic skills,
  • Focusing on speaking and listening in the teaching rather than reading and writing,
  • Minimising the use of translation by using actions to support the teaching so exposure to the new language is maximised,
  • Recalling and building upon our learning weekly to retain and build on prior learning,
  • A discrete forty minute lesson to support good focus and attention.

By the end of Key Stage Two we want our students to;

  • Say and hear greetings in other languages,
  • Have an interest in learning about cultures and languages,
  • Know that language has a structure which differs from one language to another,
  • Be aware of similarities and differences in cultures and languages in the UK and other countries,
  • Know that languages are spoken and written down in different ways to communicate meaning,
  • Begin to express ideas and hold a simple conversation in another language,
  • Feel confident to communicate with someone from another culture.

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