Arctic Explorer – Adrian Hall

This week we have been visited by a real life explorer to help give us information on our terms inquiry question of ‘What drives people to embark on journeys which involve danger or uncertainty’. Adrian Hall came to speak with us about his experience of trekking through the arctic and to give us a lesson on map and compass reading. We began the day with a talk about his journey through the Arctic and everything it took to prepare. He also showed us what he had to pack in his bag and how he carried it along with the amazing things he saw such as polar bears and wolves. After break, we got to learn how to properly use and read a compass as well as how to measure a distance using only our feet. We then got the chance to use our skills we’d learnt by participating in a scavenger hunt where we were searching for little flags with letters on around our playground. By the end, we were able to read a map to accurately find the flags and give others clues

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