The Wooden Horse

We looked at the Ancient Greek tale of the Fall of Troy and, in particular, the Greek victory using unconventional tactics. In the spirit of experimental archaeology in Year 3, we tried them out…it was a bit cramped!

Moving the henge stones

We discovered that the stones for Stone Henge came from quite far to get to the site. We looked at how they might have moved them, using only neolithic technology.

Multiplying and Dividing

Year 3 is looking at the differences and similarities between multiplication and division this week as well as learning how to use the distribution method to solve more complex multiplications and divisions.

Cinderella: Egypt Style

We have begun to make our books to showcase our rewriting of Cinderella using our knowledge of Ancient Egypt. When we have finished, we will send the finished products to the British Museum as part of a project we have been involved in.

Mummy’s Day

In preparation for our grand procession and interment of the “fish pharaoh” at the end of term, our priests of Anubis began to wash clean, and prepare the body for mummification. The body was washed and its internal organs were removed. Its heart was left in but the lungs, stomach, liver, and intestine were placed in a canopic jar. The whole body was covered in natron ( a mixture of salt and baking soda) that will dry and preserve the fish over the next few weeks.

The next stage of the process will happen then.

Addition Skills

Year 3 looked at their arithmetic skills, how they add up, and the way that numbers fit together. They made some amazing discoveries!

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