Science Production: To the Moon and Back

Brought to WEJS by….. Ben Langley

As part of the 2024’s Festival Learning Programme, we were invited to watch the Norfolk Panto legend and Britain’s Got Talent star, Ben Langley perform his fantastic one-man play.

‘To the Moon and Back’ is an interactive, science play for primary aged pupils. The play explains the science behind the trip to the moon and enhances the school Science curriculum for Earth, space, light and forces.

The children really enjoyed the play. Thank you for making our learning so memorable.

Times Tables Rockstars

All of the children have been working so hard on their times tables recently. We had an awards ceremony to celebrate those that have gained Rock Legend and Rock hero status! Well done Year 4! Also, after a hard week of competing between 4GM and 4SC the inter class competition resulted in a win for 4SC. The trophy will stay with 4SC until the next battle. Good luck Rockers!

A monk visits West Earlham

Year 4 welcomed a monk ‘from another time’ (around 793AD to be precise) to join the class today for a Q & A session. The class were incredibly respectful to ‘Brother Brian’ who told them all about the Vikings raid on the Lindisfarne monastery. The class will be using the information they gathered to create their own diary of a monk.

Row like a Viking

4GM learnt how to row in an imaginary Viking long ship today. Mrs Stanners beat a drum and they rowed to the rhythm in time. The class thought very hard about which parts of their body would begin to hurt if you were had to row for a very long time. They came to the conclusion that being a Viking – rowing on a long boat – would be incredibly hard work.

A starry night in West Earlham

Year 4 have been creating their own masterpieces inspired by the Artist Vincent Van Gogh. We have made a foreground (observational drawing of West Earlham Junior School), Middle ground (using pastels and chalks to draw landmarks of the Norwich skyline) and lastly, a painted background of a starry night, inspired by galaxies. Here is our work in progress. The next stage is to put them all together.

Forest Garden Project Part 3 – Seed Bombs!

We have continued with our project and in this session we learnt how to make seed bombs that we are going to explode on the field in our April session. We also selected a Strawberry tree as our latest addition to our tree planting area. Whilst the Strawberry tree will bear fruits that are edible they are best preserved and turned into jam rather than being eaten freshly like more common strawberries.

Geography – Learning about Rivers

Year 4 have been learning about Rivers and created their own model river that were labelled to show each part of the river. The class tested how well their rivers flowed using water outside in our school garden and explained to their peers why water flows downstream to the river mouth.

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