In PE we have moved on from gymnastics to Orienteering. This week we have focused on developing our verbal and non-verbal communication skills and how we work in teams. We have been working on solving problems and navigating different obstacles. The floor is lava and we only have two flame proof ships to move through the obstacles. We have to work as a team whilst completing tasks. We even had a go where we could not talk!

Art – Isle of Lewis Chess Pieces

We have been looking at the medieval chess pieces discovered on the Isle of Lewis. We have started sketching and taking our pencils for a walk in our sketch books. We will move on to making soap bar carvings in the upcoming sessions. Watch this space! We have also been thinking how well our chess pieces would be to use on our huge map.


We started looking at how fossils formed over time. We made an imprint in sand to show how a dead animal would leave cast as it rotted away under ground. We then mixed a very sticky solution to pour into the cast to show how the stone forms over time. It was very fun but very messy!

Samba lessons bring in 2022

Happy New Year from Year 4. We are all excited to be back at school and had a great first few days back at school. Samba John was in on Friday and we started our Samba lessons. We learned about the origins of Samba and what the instruments are called and how the different rhythms and pitches create the distinctive South American music. Some children were brave enough to have a go at playing them straight away the rest of us start next Friday.

Christmas performance rehearsals.

Year 4 have been hard at work rehearsing for our part in the Christmas performance. The singing, acting and choreography are all going well. We can’t wait to share it with all of our friends and families. Strictly Come Dancing has arrived at WEJS.

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