Art- Vincent Van Gogh

Over a series of lessons, Year 4 have made their own masterpieces inspired by the Artist Vincent Van Gogh’s painting ‘The Starry Night’. After learning about the life of the Artist and studying his painting, we tried out his method by drawing West Earlham Junior School from the back field. We then created our starry night backgrounds using acrylic paint and learnt about primary and secondary colours. We finished our works by creating a middle ground inspired by the Norwich Skyline. For this we used water colour pencils, pastels and chalks. When our foregrounds, midgrounds and backgrounds were finished we cut them out and arranged them together. Every finished piece looks so different and all fantastic, demonstrating a thorough exploration of an inspiring Artist’s work.

Science- Exploring Sound

Year 4 have been learning about sound, how sound travels in waves and how sound is made from vibrations. We conducted some experiments to show how sound travels better through a solid object and how pitch and volume can be varied by altering the material (such as tightening a ukulele string).

Roast Chicken, Quorn nuggets and bread rolls!

Year 4 have had a fun day cooking! We began with making the dough for the bread which involved careful measuring and then left it to rise. In that time we prepared two chickens for the oven. Then…back to the dough, each child then had a go at kneading the dough and then divided it into roughly 8 balls. By the time the chicken was ready (1.5hours later) the dough had risen and was ready for the oven. We talked about vegetarian alternatives and put the Quorn nuggets in too. The bread came out really well and was very popular, the chicken went down well and the Quorn too!

STEM week – Science focus

We are having a science focus this week looking at growth. We have started our investigation by looking at the growth in plants. We have discussed what plants need to survive and have three plants around the classroom which we are growing under different condition. We have talked about how plants make their own food by photosynthesis, how plants have adapted to suit their environment over millions of years and how plants produce seeds. The children designed an imaginary plant and created their own seed packet that contains the seeds for their plant.

Works in Clay – Lewis Chessmen

Year 4 have finished their unique Lewis Chessmen pieces in clay. The children learnt how to roll clay into a sausage shape, roll clay into a ball and add detail by attaching clay pieces together and using tools. The finished results look great! Well done everyone!


In PE we have moved on from gymnastics to Orienteering. This week we have focused on developing our verbal and non-verbal communication skills and how we work in teams. We have been working on solving problems and navigating different obstacles. The floor is lava and we only have two flame proof ships to move through the obstacles. We have to work as a team whilst completing tasks. We even had a go where we could not talk!

Art – Isle of Lewis Chess Pieces

We have been looking at the medieval chess pieces discovered on the Isle of Lewis. We have started sketching and taking our pencils for a walk in our sketch books. We will move on to making soap bar carvings in the upcoming sessions. Watch this space! We have also been thinking how well our chess pieces would be to use on our huge map.

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