Patron of Reading Steve Skidmore

Recently we had a visit from our Patron of Reading Steve Skidmore who gave out awards to pupils who had excelled in a writing competition. The children wrote letters to Mother Nature about how they would make changes to make the world a better place.

Electricity! Quiz machines.

In Year 4 we have been combining our Design Technology, Science and Inquiry work to create electronic quiz machines. We learned about electricity and circuits and then applied this to planning, building, testing and reviewing our work. If you can answer a difficult question about the Romans and the Celts and select the correct answer the circuit will be made complete and the light bulb will turn on. We tested our quizzes on our Headteacher and Assistant Headteacher.

Happy Halloween or as we learned Happy Samhain.

In Year 4 we have been learning about Samhain which was the Celtic celebration that marked the end of their calendar year. They believed that the line between the living world and dead became blurred on the 31st October. We made masks and wrote Samhain poems. Here are the masks that we made. They are terrifying we know!

A new school year and Year 4 are back!

School is back and we are straight into our new inquiry. We are back 2000 years ago in Britannia with the Celtic tribes and discussing the question “Is it better to resist or welcome?”

So far the children have looked at the geography of the British isles and then how Britain was split into different tribes. We are trying to understand what it may have been like for the Celtic tribes when the Romans invaded Britain.

Our class author for this term is Roald Dahl and both classes have so far enjoyed the Enormous Crocodile and The Witches.

In ICT we have been learning how to stay safe on the internet using our SMART rules and in Science we have started learning about electricity.

On top of all that our Patron of Reading Steve Skidmore has been in and we have had a writing competition. It is go, go, go!

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