Patron of Reading Visit: Macbeth Workshop

What a fabulous workshop. We loved learning about Macbeth in our taster session and are really looking forward to taking part in the Macbeth drama workshop when we are in Year 6. Steve Skidmore also had lunch with the Year 4 children and held to Awards Assemblies in the afternoon. We found out that one of the Year 5 classes had read the most words in the school and that one Year 5 child had gained their ‘Millionaire Reader Badge’. Well done everyone and keep reading.

The Wooden Horse

We looked at the Ancient Greek tale of the Fall of Troy and, in particular, the Greek victory using unconventional tactics. In the spirit of experimental archaeology in Year 3, we tried them out…it was a bit cramped!

Cinderella: Egypt Style

We have begun to make our books to showcase our rewriting of Cinderella using our knowledge of Ancient Egypt. When we have finished, we will send the finished products to the British Museum as part of a project we have been involved in.

Guided Reading: Stone Age Style!

We are looking at this book in our guided reading sessions.

We noticed that the front cover seemed to be a real stone age picture and we looked at the contents to find out more about the art of the Stone Age. They used their art to tell stories, keep their history and express themselves like we use books to now. So we had a go at telling our own Stone Age stories:

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