Visit – Humanist speaker

On Tuesday, we had a visit from John Turner who came to speak to us about the views of Humanists. We found out that the main principles of being a humanist are that they believe the aim of life is to be kind to all around us, to share with others and to ask lots of questions and learn as much as we can. Humanists rely on scientific evidence in their explanation of the universe and all things in it, including human beings. They think we should make the most of the life we have now and John explained that they live their lives by the phrase ‘Think for yourself, Act for everyone’. It was interesting to hear the views of other people and we got the chance to ask questions about anything we didn’t understand. It was nice to hear from someone with views different than our own or a view we hadn’t come across before.

Autumn 2 Trip to Norwich Cathedral

We have been thinking about our inquiry question “How can one person make a big difference?” and the impact of the Norman Invasion on the city of Norwich. It made us wonder if the Normans hadn’t invaded would Norwich have a Castle or a Cathedral made of French limestone?

Year 5 had the opportunity to put their engineer skills to good use when taking part in an arch building workshop at the Cathedral. We discussed how we thought people in the past built structures without the use of modern technology. We think that the Norwich Cathedral is beautiful and we are impressed by the skills of those who built and crafted each stone.

We were amazed at the size of the Cathedral and thought that the stained glass and stone carvings were beautiful. We enjoyed finding out about the jobs and the lives of the people who built, lived and worked in the Cathedral as well as the roles of people today.

What a fabulous trip.

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