Marvellous Macaroni Cheese

As part of our cooking and nutrition curriculum we continued to build our knowledge of what we need to eat to stay healthy. We discussed the three different types of carbohydrates and know that humans get energy from carbohydrates.

To develop our LIFE SKILLS we used measured out our own ingredients. To do this we used a range of measuring equipment and worked together to apply our maths skills to read scales in grams and millilitres. We also set the oven temperature and used a timer and clock to know when our delicious dish was ready.

Cooking macaroni cheese meant that we were able to practise:

  • Looking for bubbles when boiling water
  • Tucking in our knuckles when grating the cheese!
  • Making a roux and watching what happens when you add cheese to the butter and flour.
  • Baking in the oven.
  • Eating together in a community.

Throughout the session we made certain that we kept safe and followed high levels of hygiene (hand washing, hair back, aprons etc.)

Our cooking session and end results can be seen below.

Grating is serious business.
Sprinkling over an extra layer of cheese.
Ready to be baked. In the oven it goes.
Times up, gloves on and ready to take our Mac & Cheese out of the oven.
Eating together- mmmm.
Enjoying our delicious food with friends.

Times Tables Rockstars

All of the children have been working so hard on their times tables recently. We had an awards ceremony to celebrate those that have gained Rock Legend and Rock hero status! Well done Year 4! Also, after a hard week of competing between 4GM and 4SC the inter class competition resulted in a win for 4SC. The trophy will stay with 4SC until the next battle. Good luck Rockers!

Multiplying and Dividing

Year 3 is looking at the differences and similarities between multiplication and division this week as well as learning how to use the distribution method to solve more complex multiplications and divisions.

Addition Skills

Year 3 looked at their arithmetic skills, how they add up, and the way that numbers fit together. They made some amazing discoveries!

Array We Go…

Year 3 began their multiplication and division journey by looking at arrays. They constructed them and tried to use them to solve problems.


As part of our learning about multiplication, Year 3 created arrays.

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