Design & Technology

As part of the investigation into ancient machines we looked at how levers, pulleys and gears worked. We did this by testing out simple machines such as a catapult and by reading about ancient designers such as Archimedes. We also learnt about the effect of forces in Science and discovered how the Norwich Cathedral was built in Norman times.

We worked together to create prototypes of machines and used our knowledge of the mechanical systems to consider how we could solve the problem of moving an item from one height to another safely and considered how ancient mechanics are relevant to the global world today.

Forest Garden Project Session.

Science: Finding out about Seed Dispersal

As part of the Forest Garden Projects, we looked at and investigated different natural objects. We learnt about seeds and seed dispersal. We found out that seeds are dispersed by wind, fire and water as well as by animals. We discovered that animals carry and disperse seeds in their fur or by going to the toilet!

Next, we prepared the seeds for winter so that they can be planted in the spring. We are looking forward to our next Forest Garden Project session.

Year 5: Working together to carry out a scientific experiment linked to water resistance.

We worked together to set up our experiment and used the scientific equipment safely.
What happens when we drop these different 3D shapes?
We found out about the effect of water resistance on the falling shapes. We thought about our findings from our investigation and drew conclusions about why our results happened.

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