Y5 Trip to Norwich Cathedral

Norman Life and Legacy

We all went on a trip to the amazing Norwich Cathedral. We found out about this building as a place of worship both now and in the past and we learnt about how ancient engineers and crafts people built this magnificent building. We also learnt about the people who worked and lived in the Cathedral and also thought about the geography of the building in relation to the river, the city and the castle.

We had a wonderful trip and we enjoyed sharing all we have learnt about the Normans as well as asking questions to find out more. This trip has helped us to understand how people or a group of people can make a difference to the world around them. We hope that you get to visit one day.

Welcome to our 2023/2024 Year 5 Blog

Year 5 Trip to Norwich- ‘Our Fine City’

We went to visit the centre of Norwich. Once there we were given a number of challenges to complete on our trip. These included:

  • Visiting Norwich Market
  • Creating a map of key Norwich landmarks that can be viewed from the top of the market.
  • Going on a George Skipper building hunt to think about how one architect can make a difference to one city.
  • Viewing the George Skipper’s botanical tiles in the Royal Arcade.
  • Sketching the botanical tiles to provide inspiration for our printing designs once back in school.
  • Investigating the modern Norwich streets for historical clues as well as journeying underground to find out what hidden secrets lie beneath our feet.

The Wooden Horse

We looked at the Ancient Greek tale of the Fall of Troy and, in particular, the Greek victory using unconventional tactics. In the spirit of experimental archaeology in Year 3, we tried them out…it was a bit cramped!

Moving the henge stones

We discovered that the stones for Stone Henge came from quite far to get to the site. We looked at how they might have moved them, using only neolithic technology.

How can one person make a BIG difference?

Throughout the year, we will be using what we have learnt to think about the overarching question “How can one person make a BIG difference?” In the Autumn Term we thought about how King William changed Britain and how the Norman rule shaped the Norwich landscape. We compared the Norman influence on Norwich with the influence of local architect George Skipper. We loved searching for clues in our fine city.

When learning about the Ancient Kingdom of Benin, we thought about how one person (the Oba) can make a big difference to society and a community of people. In the Summer Term, we will inquire into the lives of Robert Kett and Ruby Bridges. Two very different people who made big decisions that will be remembered throughout History. We can’t wait to find out more and think about how we can make a difference to those around us.

Year 5 Trip to the Sainsburys Centre

We went on a local area trip to the Sainsburys Centre. We really enjoyed finding out more about how different cultures use art to represent people and status. We shared our knowledge of the ancient Benin society and explored different ways of casting and printing designs in a specially tailored workshop.

After our workshop, we had a tour around the permanent collection in the art gallery and then went on the outdoor sculpture trail.

We had so much fun- thankyou to all at the Sainsburys Centre for your help.

Autumn 2 Trip to Norwich Cathedral

We have been thinking about our inquiry question “How can one person make a big difference?” and the impact of the Norman Invasion on the city of Norwich. It made us wonder if the Normans hadn’t invaded would Norwich have a Castle or a Cathedral made of French limestone?

Year 5 had the opportunity to put their engineer skills to good use when taking part in an arch building workshop at the Cathedral. We discussed how we thought people in the past built structures without the use of modern technology. We think that the Norwich Cathedral is beautiful and we are impressed by the skills of those who built and crafted each stone.

We were amazed at the size of the Cathedral and thought that the stained glass and stone carvings were beautiful. We enjoyed finding out about the jobs and the lives of the people who built, lived and worked in the Cathedral as well as the roles of people today.

What a fabulous trip.

Year 5 Blog 2022/23

Welcome to the Year 5 Blog. Please read below to find out more about what we have been learning throughout the Autumn Term.

At the start of the term we launched our inquiry by discovering and learning about the landmarks of our fine city, Norwich. As part of our learning we used a range of books, leaflets and online materials to research facts about Norwich. In groups we chose the facts we wanted to share and created posters. After that we created a presentation and shared the information with the rest of the class. We enjoyed using our public speaking voices and being the audience for one another.

Year 5 Trip to Norwich

We went on a trip to Norwich to find out how George Skipper has influenced the architecture of Norwich. We visited Surrey House and the Royal Arcade and created sketches of the botanical tiles. We also went on the Hidden Streets Tour. This was exciting because we got to go underneath the modern day streets. We used our history skills to find out more about the past.

To complete the trip we stood at the top of Norwich Market and drew a map of the Norwich skyline and key landmarks. We really enjoyed eating our lunch on the Forum steps.

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