Visit from Steve Skidmore

On Thursday the 5th of October, we were visited by our patron of reading, Steve Skidmore. Steve worked with us in the morning to talk through his re-telling of MacBeth, and helped us the understand the story a little better. We then took part in a Drama exercise with him, where we were in groups of 3 and got the chance to be the weird sisters (witches) in the story. We had a script to work from but got to add our own personal touches with how we delivered it. Some groups chose to put on voices, others used props and few added movement into their piece.

UEA Drama Project

Students from the UEA planned, lead and delivered interactive workshops for the class. The children fine tuned their listening skills and had the opportunity to take part in drama games, improvisations and a scavenger hunt outside. Some of the children felt nervous at first but were motivated to have a go and showed bravery when performing in front of others.

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