Year 4 Autumn 2020


This Autumn term in Year 4 we are starting to learn about the Anglo-Saxons and how their arrival to Britain impacted life here. We have started to learn about the push and pull factors that cause people to migrate. It is a fantastic resource for learning about the Anglo-Saxons can be found on BBC Bitesize.

Home learning tasks:

1) Create a poster about facts you’ve learnt about Anglo-Saxon life.


In English we are about to start writing a story based on King Arthur and the magical sword in the stone Excalibur. You can read a version of the story via your child’s Myon account using the same passwords that your child uses for Purple Mash.

Have a practise at writing some simple sentences here.

We have started the year looking at Grammar and different word classes. There are lots of helpful explanations and activities that can be used to practise here.


In maths we are looking at number and place value. There are lots of great maths activities and games to complete and play on the BBC Bitesize page.

We also use Sumdog where your child’s class teacher sets weekly challenges and links activities to the learning they are completing each week.

We are learning our times tables up to 12 x 12 and these websites are good for speeding up children’s recall of facts. Select the times table you wish to practise and away you go!

We recommend learning them by practising them in the order we teach them which is:

Start with 2s, 5s and 10s.  

Then, 4s and 8s. 

Next, 3 and 6 followed by 9 and 12.  

Finally, 11 and 7 times tables.

Children need to be able to recall them in order and randomly. We suggest always warming up with a practise of the times table before moving on to rapid recall.


We have been learning about the seven continents, five oceans and different biomes on planet Earth. This web

We have been watching BBC Seven Worlds by David Attenborough on BBC Iplayer whilst eating our lunches. It is brilliant and highly recommended to rewatch!


In Science, we will be looking at electricity and conductors before moving on to circuits. There are lots of helpful videos and activities you can work through.


In Mandarin, we have been recapping what we started to learn in Year 3 with introducing ourselves and how to greet others.


We will start of the year looking at Christianity. We will start with questions like what is the difference between knowing and believing? What are beliefs? What is religion? What do Christians believe?


In PE, we are learning invasion games and developing our ball control and spacial awareness in football. If you are at home, we highly recommend the Joe Wicks Body Coach YouTube videos. Here are a selection of short 5-minute workouts to get you started.

If you have any questions regarding your child’s learning please contact the school office as we are happy to help in any way we can.

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