We have started our next topic in PE which is gymnastics. We are focusing on balancing, control and flexibility and exploring how we can move across various equipment. It was a great first session with the children creatively exploring the equipment and working with a learning partner.

Christmas Storytime

3GA have celebrated the festive period with some story time. They volunteered to read story to each other and the end of the day.

Mung Beans Experiment

We have been trying to make mung beans germinateto see how and why seeds and beans sprout. Not only did we leave some beans in a jar with some moisture but we also planted some in sand, soil and a mixture of the two. Look at the beans in the jar! They sprouted but they did not grow any further. The beans in the soil however did a lot better.


We started looking at how fossils formed over time. We made an imprint in sand to show how a dead animal would leave cast as it rotted away under ground. We then mixed a very sticky solution to pour into the cast to show how the stone forms over time. It was very fun but very messy!

Skara Brae: Settling an Island

We looked at pictures of Skara Brae, the neolithic settlement in the Orkney Islands and tried to decide why they started to settle there rather than continue to hunt and gather. We wondered where they got their food and water, and why they chose to settle there.

Our Potatoes Beds

We planted our potatoes out into the beds but we first had to prepare the ground for planting. We used similar tools to the settlers of Skara Brae. Mr Hartley used a reindeer antler (which looks suspiciously like a garden fork) to break up the soil which we then sifted through to get rid of the roots and weeds. Finally, we made furrows in the ground and used a dabber to make holes for the potatoes. We covered them up and we will check on their progress after Christmas.

Samba lessons bring in 2022

Happy New Year from Year 4. We are all excited to be back at school and had a great first few days back at school. Samba John was in on Friday and we started our Samba lessons. We learned about the origins of Samba and what the instruments are called and how the different rhythms and pitches create the distinctive South American music. Some children were brave enough to have a go at playing them straight away the rest of us start next Friday.

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