Science Production: To the Moon and Back

Brought to WEJS by….. Ben Langley

As part of the 2024’s Festival Learning Programme, we were invited to watch the Norfolk Panto legend and Britain’s Got Talent star, Ben Langley perform his fantastic one-man play.

‘To the Moon and Back’ is an interactive, science play for primary aged pupils. The play explains the science behind the trip to the moon and enhances the school Science curriculum for Earth, space, light and forces.

The children really enjoyed the play. Thank you for making our learning so memorable.

Design & Technology

As part of the investigation into ancient machines we looked at how levers, pulleys and gears worked. We did this by testing out simple machines such as a catapult and by reading about ancient designers such as Archimedes. We also learnt about the effect of forces in Science and discovered how the Norwich Cathedral was built in Norman times.

We worked together to create prototypes of machines and used our knowledge of the mechanical systems to consider how we could solve the problem of moving an item from one height to another safely and considered how ancient mechanics are relevant to the global world today.

Y5 Trip to Norwich Cathedral

Norman Life and Legacy

We all went on a trip to the amazing Norwich Cathedral. We found out about this building as a place of worship both now and in the past and we learnt about how ancient engineers and crafts people built this magnificent building. We also learnt about the people who worked and lived in the Cathedral and also thought about the geography of the building in relation to the river, the city and the castle.

We had a wonderful trip and we enjoyed sharing all we have learnt about the Normans as well as asking questions to find out more. This trip has helped us to understand how people or a group of people can make a difference to the world around them. We hope that you get to visit one day.

DT: Cooking & Nutrition- Making Pancakes

Yum, yum, yum in our tum, tum, tum.

Within this series of lessons we learnt how to:

  • Crack an egg
  • Read scales to measure amounts in grammes
  • Measure amounts in ml
  • Measure amounts using measuring spoons
  • Beat a mixture together

We also practised:

  • Using a hot pan safely
  • Using a knife to chop safely
  • Reading and following a recipe carefully and accurately
  • Working together safely in a kitchen

Before making the pancakes, we designed what we wanted our finished pancake to look like and decided what we would like in our pancakes. We followed the recipe to make a batter and chopped the ingredients before using following our designs to create the finished pancake.

We cooperated well in the kitchen and cooked together as a team. The end results were delicious and we decided that as a year group we preferred sweet pancakes over savoury. If you would like to have a go at whipping up some batter then please follow the link in the ‘learning together’ section of the school website. We look forward to hearing about which toppings you like.

Forest Garden Project Session.

Science: Finding out about Seed Dispersal

As part of the Forest Garden Projects, we looked at and investigated different natural objects. We learnt about seeds and seed dispersal. We found out that seeds are dispersed by wind, fire and water as well as by animals. We discovered that animals carry and disperse seeds in their fur or by going to the toilet!

Next, we prepared the seeds for winter so that they can be planted in the spring. We are looking forward to our next Forest Garden Project session.

Year 5: Working together to carry out a scientific experiment linked to water resistance.

We worked together to set up our experiment and used the scientific equipment safely.
What happens when we drop these different 3D shapes?
We found out about the effect of water resistance on the falling shapes. We thought about our findings from our investigation and drew conclusions about why our results happened.

Into University Week

Last week, 6CD took part in a focus week, put on by the lovely people at Into University. We spent 3 days with them at the local community centre where we learnt about different icons in the creative arts area. We had a product designer called Ole Christiansen, a fashion designer called Stella Jean, a writer named Jacqueline Woodson and Bruno Reddy, who created the app Times Table Rock Stars. We worked together in our groups to make posters and presentations about our famous person. On Wednesday, we took a trip to the Sainsburys centre of visual arts to walk around the different galleries. We made our own zines (mini magazines) about the art we had seen but with different prompts to make our art unique. On Thursday, we spoke about the different university options available to us and where we would go when we are older. We learnt about lots of new courses we didn’t know existed or that we could study. On Friday, we got a tour around the University of East Anglia and the presented our new knowledge to parents and carers that came along. After this, we ‘graduated’ from our mini creative arts degree of the week.

Visit from Steve Skidmore

On Thursday the 5th of October, we were visited by our patron of reading, Steve Skidmore. Steve worked with us in the morning to talk through his re-telling of MacBeth, and helped us the understand the story a little better. We then took part in a Drama exercise with him, where we were in groups of 3 and got the chance to be the weird sisters (witches) in the story. We had a script to work from but got to add our own personal touches with how we delivered it. Some groups chose to put on voices, others used props and few added movement into their piece.

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