Guest Visit

Year 6 were incredibly lucky this half term as we received a visit from Michael and Frances Holmes to learn more about the slums that used to exist in Norwich and what life was like for those living in them. We heard first hand experiences from residents through voice notes and videos and learnt about what life looked like. Some of our favourite facts were that people only used to bath once a week when they would wheel the bath tub in by the fire and that houses didn’t have their own toilets! They had to share with other households. The information we learnt has been very helpful with our topic this term, focusing on our local area and community.

Steve Skidmore!

Here in year 6, we were very lucky to receive a visit from our patron of reading, Steve Skidmore. Steve taught us about all the essential features of a good story and how to be better writers in his amazing masterclass and gave us a sneak preview of his upcoming books. He also joined us to help celebrate some of our best young readers this term with awards and even some signed books and our class librarians got to have lunch with him!

World Book Day 2022

For World book day 2022, we participated in an orienteering challenge on the field which we loved. Throughout the day, we also got to create book surprises and play a game of quidditch to celebrate this year’s theme of Harry Potter. We had huge participation from children dressed in an array of wonderful costumes and we even got to partake in a book themed quiz!

What is a university?

A group of students from the university came to visit year 5 and gave us an insight into the world of university!

Other tastier uses for fish…

Not only have we been mummifying fish but we have also been cooking it as well. Here are some photos of our Cooking and Nutrition lessons where we were learning to coat fish in breadcrumbs.

We learnt some cookery skills, including measuring and cutting safely with knives. The fish nuggets we made were really tasty and some of us have even made them ourselves at home!

The Entombing of King Tutan-Cod-mun

After 10 weeks lying in salt our fish in ready for the next stage of mummification.

Here is the process we went through…

First, we took our its brains using hook and made a slit in its left side where we removed its insides. These we stored within a canopic jar, making sure to seal the lid with wax.

Next, we cover the body of our fish in salt. We changed the salt regularly over the next 10 weeks.

Today our fish was ready to go through the final process of mummification.

We used spices and wine to clean the salt from the fish. We noticed that much of the smell then disappeared.
We used resin the Ancient Egyptians called Mummia to seal the fish and help the wrapping stay attached.
Finally we placed our mummy into a sarcophagus and laid in down with some offerings before we sealed it away in our pyramid.

Christmas Storytime

3GA have celebrated the festive period with some story time. They volunteered to read story to each other and the end of the day.

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