Inquiry topic – Our local area

This term, year 6’s topic of inquiry is all about our local area of West Earlham. We looked at pictures of Norwich and how it has changed in the last 50 years and discussed how we have many of the things we need all in one place. As a class, 6JE decided to make their own imaginary community, thinking about the necessary places such as schools and a hospital, as well as all the things we wish we had, like a theme park and a stadium right outside our doors. Together, we drew these buildings and made a mock up of what our city would look like. We have many fast food restaurants, a skate park, football stadium, gym, pet shop and a barbers just to name a few!

West Earlham Junior School
Scarnell Road, Norwich NR5 8HT

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Headteacher: Mrs Catrin Eyers
School Business Manager: Mrs Beverley Savage