Eaton Vale Trip

On Friday, Year 6 were very lucky to get to partake in a trip to Eaton Vale where we were able to enjoy some raft building or canoeing as well as pedal go karting and exploring a cave bus. We leant lots about team work and looking out for others and we had a brilliant time! The cave bus poses a unique challenge offering 350ft of caving tunnels built in to a repurposed bus. Wearing a helmet and headlamp we explored the cave system by twisting, turning and wriggling our way through a maze of passageways. In canoeing, we worked in groups of 3 or 4 and helped steer the boat in the correct direction. We were led through by qualified canoeing instructors where we rowed our way round the river. Raft building was a very hands on activity where we used ropes, barrels and logs to work together and assemble a working raft. We did this on land and then took our designs onto the river to see how dry we would stay. The final activity was pedal go karting. This was a very physical challenge as we pedalled our way round the slippery track and learnt how to make the karts move as the pedals were beneath us rather than in front. We wore helmets and had an adult track marshall to help us make races. These was activities many of us had never done before and even though we were visited by some rain, we still had lots of fun. At the end of the water sessions, we got the chance to jump in the river and get wet. Lots of us took this chance and came out soaking!

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