The Entombing of King Tutan-Cod-mun

After 10 weeks lying in salt our fish in ready for the next stage of mummification.

Here is the process we went through…

First, we took our its brains using hook and made a slit in its left side where we removed its insides. These we stored within a canopic jar, making sure to seal the lid with wax.

Next, we cover the body of our fish in salt. We changed the salt regularly over the next 10 weeks.

Today our fish was ready to go through the final process of mummification.

We used spices and wine to clean the salt from the fish. We noticed that much of the smell then disappeared.
We used resin the Ancient Egyptians called Mummia to seal the fish and help the wrapping stay attached.
Finally we placed our mummy into a sarcophagus and laid in down with some offerings before we sealed it away in our pyramid.

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