Mrs C Parry-Jones
Leader of Learning, Assessment, Health & Safety, Music

Deputy Headteacher

Mrs L Canning
Safeguarding and Child Protection, Attendance, Maths

Assistant Headteacher

Mrs H Edwards
“Phase Leader Upper KS2”, Reading, CPD Lead

 Admin Team

 Mrs S Warnes
School Business Manager
Miss C Feavyer
Mrs B Savage

 Teaching Staff

Year 3 team
Mr S Cannon
Year Group Leader
Mr C Hartley  Mrs D Salter
Year 4 team  
Mr M Hodder
Phase Leader lower KS2
Mr S Phillips Mrs K Finlayson
 Year 5 team
Mr P Bradford
Year Group Leader
Mrs E Blackman Mr M Burroughs
 Year 6 team
Mrs H Edwards
Phase Leader upper KS2
Mr J Plowman Miss N Lillie
Mr J Edge
Mrs C Brown
Mrs S Dean
Mrs G Stanners
1:1 Tuition & Intervention

Support staff

Mrs D Burroughs Pastoral Care Manager
Mrs C King Learning Mentor
Mrs S Lambiase Parent Support Advisor
Miss K Rout Specialist Learning Support Assistant
Mr M Burroughs Extended Schools Play Leader
Mr J Porter  Music Tutor

Classroom Support Staff

Mrs J Hipperson Mrs L Holmes Mrs S King Mrs S Lloyd
 Mrs K Withers Mrs T Bell Mrs J Owen Mrs S Peel
Mrs A Potter Mrs C Potter Mrs R Smith

Midday Supervisors

Mrs L Watton Mrs T Buxton Miss C Feavyer
Mrs J Owen Mrs A Potter Mrs C Potter
Mrs G Potter Mrs K Withers

Caretaker & Cleaners

Miss J Nappin Mr R Creighton
Mr P De Martino

Breakfast Club

Mrs D Burroughs Mrs G Potter